Coffee Sourcing

A good cup of coffee should be a tasty embodiment of the region where it is grown. It should also have a clean back story. Barren Ground Coffee prides itself on being a responsible company. We strive to source coffee beans that are grown in a sustainable manner that respects both the land and the producers. All of our coffee will note whether it is fair trade, organic, or both.

Fair trade

Fair Trade certification is only available to democratically-organized cooperatives of small producers, not individually-owned farms, estates, or farms that use hired labor. Fair Trade cooperatives receive a minimum price per pound, with an additional premium if the coffee is also certified organic. How this price premium is distributed (to the farmers or to community projects, etc.) is up to the cooperative.


Requirements for the organic seal include no use of prohibited substances on the land for at least three years.  This includes most synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Other certification requirements include a buffer between the coffee and any other crop not grown organically, a plan that demonstrates methods that prevent soil erosion, and other sustainable agricultural criteria.