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Yellowknife Office Subscription

Working group a bit sluggish? Kick that meeting into gear with our office subscription package.

Package 1: $40/ month (2 bags)
Package 2: $57/ month (3 bags)
Package 3: $73/ month (4 bags)
Package 4: $88/ month (5 bags)
Package 5: $102/month (6 bags)

If you are an office with heavy coffee drinkers that need more than a couple pounds a week, please see our wholesale services.

One bag of coffee (340g) usually equals about 20 cups. We can tailor packages if you need more than 3 bags a month. Subscription is a minimum 6 month contract. For 1 year subscription you will receive 10% off.

Coffee will be delivered on (or close to) the second Wednesday of every month.

The subscription includes:

  • Replacement Aeropress filters when needed
  • Regular or decaf coffee
  • Whole beans or ground coffee
  • Choice of your desired coffee or receive different coffee every month
  • Free delivery & easy online payment
  • Renew (or not) after 6 months

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Our coffee will change with seasonal orders, but the regions should be fairly consistent.
You will be invoiced electronically for your 6 month subscription after your first delivery. You can pay by credit card, cash, or e-transfer after you receive your invoice (no cheques please). Your delivery will be on or near the second Friday of every month. We will notify you on your last month that your subscription is expiring. You can choose to renew.