Fundamentals of brewing: the inverted Aeropress™

What you need

  • Aeropress™
  • Fresh, locally roasted coffee (try a nice single origin)
  • Water
  • Stirring utensil (a chopstick works!)
  • Kettle
  • Timer (smart phone; or get the Brewtime app)
  • Grinder (recommended)
  • Scale (recommended)


We will aim for a 17:1 ratio (16 grams of water for every 1 gram of coffee). Therefore:

  • ~17 g (2 large table spoons) of coffee for 225 ml

There are two ways to brew with the Aeropress™. The traditional method and the inverted. This will cover the inverted method!

Step 1: Heat your water and bring it to a boil. Use some of the water to wet the filter (will create a better seal when you flip the Aeropress).

Step 2: Add the appropriate amount of freshly ground coffee. We would aim for an espresso grind (think powdered sugar or fine beach sand).

Step 3: Place the plunger facing up on the counter. Turn the brewing chamber upside down and place it securely on the plunger. Put the plunger in to around the middle of the #4 position.

Step 4: Add the coffee grinds. By now your water should have cooled down a bit. Pour it in to around the #1 line. You can pour half, stir, then add the remaining, or you can add all the water and stir.

Step 5:  Secure the cap on with the filter. Wait 60-90 seconds. Flip and use a slow steady press that should take about 10-20 seconds. You can add additional hot water at this point if the coffee is too strong!

Disclaimer: There are a dozens of ways to brew a cup of coffee just like there are a dozens of ways to cook an egg. We provide a rough guide based on our experience and SCAA guidelines, however, you should tweak the process to your heart's content in order to find your coffee sweet spot.