Camp Coffee

We have put together a small supply of retail at the Roastery that will equip all campers this summer with the best coffee set up you can get. Everything we have chosen we have used on our own weekend trips or multi-month expeditions. They are all light weight, not prone to break, and are easy to clean. Come in and get your fresh roasted coffee, grinder, and setup for the weekend!

Hario grinder.jpg

Hario Skereton Grinder

A hand grinder is an essential part of your camp kit and this one is the best. It is light weight, has a ceramic conical burr set, and a sturdy handle. This grinder will provide you with consistently ground fresh camp coffee. You can easily adjust the grinder size and it is suitable for any brew method.


Aerobie Aeropress

The Aeropress is a large BPA-free plastic syringe with a filter at the end. It is easy to use and makes around 250 ml of coffee per serving. You can make stronger coffee or dilute it and it takes a couple of minutes. The set up comes with filters, which can be composted (or burned in the camp fire). It is also super easy to clean!


Hario V60-02

Pour over! Our favourite coffee prep method. Whether you are using it to make a pot of coffee or just one cup, this is the easiest and most popular way to make coffee. Get some nice filters and you will be the hero at camp this summer. The Hario V60 is BPA-free and shatter resistant. It will use #2 coffee filters, which can be composted (or burned in the camp fire).