New stamps & Bijou Boutique

Barren Ground Coffee has partnered with Bijou Boutique. Bijou will be selling our coffee starting next week through their store on Franklin. They are open Mon-Sat, 10 am - 5/6 pm.

New stamps!


We have received feedback on our bags and are adding additional information in order to help people decide which coffee is best suited for them. We will have stamps for most of our coffees, but some will still come with the old Origin/Roast stamp.

For the stamps we partnered with design legend Andrew Hall. If you haven't check out his art, you should!


The stamps are broken down into a few categories:

Country and Region: We noted the country of origin and the region.

Certifications: The coffee can be certified as organic, fair trade, or Rain Forest Alliance. If there is no certification it is a "conventional" coffee. On our non-fancy stamped bags these will be noted as ORG, FT, (or FTO for both), or RFA.


Roast: We note roast by the temperature at which the coffee is dropped from the roaster. We use more common terms such as light, medium, medium dark, dark, and French, rather than City, City+, Full City, etc.


Processing:  Coffee can be processed a number of ways. Each way impacts the overall flavour of the coffee.


Altitude: Elevation has a major impact on the way a coffee tastes. High elevations produce hard, dense beans, and therefore have higher concentrations of sugars and more nuanced flavours. This is because as the coffee plant grows at higher elevations the conditions are harsher, which slows the bean's maturation process and provides more time for complex sugars to develop.


Cupping notes: Subjective cupping notes from Eric and Cory are included on the bag. "Tastes like a pool toy smells in the sun" did not make the cut (don't worry we don't have a coffee that tastes like that).